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Hi I’m JB, I started animating these albums covers for fun and ended up with a lot of them so I decided to post them, some of these are from music I listen or used to listen and some are covers I like or that I think would look cool animated, I’ll let you judge that, I really like them all. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or curiosity, I love to meet new people.

I have received a lot of messages and questions in the past few days, I just wanted to say that I’m trying my best to answer each and everyone that is possible to answer to. I have also received tons of requests, I want you to know that I have seen most of them and I’m considering making a bunch of those. Thank you very much for all the nice messages and comments.

Hey, just wanna say really cool work on the Blackwolfgoat "Drone Maintenance" cover. My name's Darryl, I am Blackwolfgoat. Very cool! I'm actually not on tumblr, somebody showed me the animation. Awesome stuff. - Darryl Shepard

This was a really nice message to receive, thanks Darryl, I’m glad you like it!

The new followers came from Coldplay tweeting your wonderful GIF for Parachutes. Congratulations on being talented!

Yes I saw it! Can’t believe it! thanks for letting me know

Hey Dude, I like your work, but I animated those daft punk helmets with a buddy of mine a while back for a Daft Punk tribute show we did. I don't mind you keeping them up, I would just like a link back to the original youtube video you ripped them from.

Sure thing dude, you guys did a great job! sorry for missing that. I’ll add the link asap